The London Bombings and the British Muslim Community

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The Muslim Council of Britain today condemned last week's transit bombings in London and what it calls "the evil deeds [that] make victims of us all." The Council says it has spoken to Islamic community leaders in Leeds, calling for "concrete steps" to help solve the crimes and prevent future acts of "atrocity" and "murder." What now for the larger Islamic community, opposed to violence but fearful of backlash? Should they stay quiet or speak up about social isolation, the war in Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? We ask British Muslims why apparently "normal" young men would attack the country where they were born and raised.
  • Making News: Update on the London Bombing Investigation
    With the death toll now standing at 54, the Egyptian bio-chemist sought for questioning in the London bombings has been arrested in Cairo. Sebastian Rotella, Paris Bureau Chief for the Los Angeles Times, says the chemicals used in last week's bombings tie the suspects to previous al Qaeda attacks.
  • Reporter's Notebook: What's So Great about Harry Potter?
    Bookstores will stay open late tonight and with special events galore, all as part of the hype for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. With adult themes--including death and the loss of faith in authority--the past two Potter books are said to have attracted millions of adult readers. The six-book series has made JK Rowling one of richest women in Britain. But is it literature? We ask Claire Armistead, Literary Editor of the Guardian newspaper.

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