The Middle East Then and Now

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No sooner had President Bush said he favored a Palestinian state, than deadly violence broke out in the Middle East. In the past two days, several Israelis were killed by Palestinian gunmen. Israel responded with helicopters, gunboats and tanks. Hopes for a cease-fire are dim. Yet, need for Arab support in the war on terrorism remains crucial. Bush has endorsed a Palestinian state, and there are indications he intends to get more involved in the region. Today we'll hear from senior spokesmen for both sides, a veteran American diplomat, and others about what might happen next.
  • Newsmaker: Russian Airliner Explodes; Blair Meets with Putin - A Russian chartered airliner heading from Israel to Siberia exploded and crashed today off the coast of the Black Sea. At least 78 people were on board. At first, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said it might have been an act of terrorism. Konstantin Eggert reports for the Russian Service of the BBC.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Race Profilees are Race Profiling - The Gallup Poll shows that 71 percent of African Americans support racial profiling of Arabs. We'll get the response of a columnist whose criticisms of the justice system gave rise to the very term "racial profiling." Clarence Page, a columnist for The Chicago Tribune joins us to share his observations.







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