The Missing Issues in the Presidential Campaign

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If you're frustrated by the limited number of issues in this year's presidential campaign, you are not alone. Do voters know what either candidate wants to do about climate change, Mexico's drug wars, the Eurozone or gun control? Are increasingly polarized voters making their choices on party lines without knowing where their own candidates really stand? Also, the Syrian army agrees to temporary truce, though no one knows how long it will last. On Reporter's Notebook, 3-D printers produce industrial objects. We hear about plans for making it possible to download a gun.

Banner image: Cory Brown of Sunburst Dairy drives a feeder tractor past some corn at their dairy farm near Belleville, Wisconsin, September 6, 2012. Crops have been stunted by withering heat across the US heartland, with corn and soybean yields hit hard. Photo by Darren Hauck/Reuters