The Moussaoui Trial: Reliving September 11

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In a federal courtroom today, New York's former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani recalled the horrors of September 11, the memory of two people jumping from the burning World Trade Center--holding hands. Prosecutors showed video of victims falling to their deaths and warned that weeks of painful testimony are still to come. Yet, while prosecutors calling for the death of Zacarias Moussaoui, some of the victims' families call Moussaoui a "scapegoat" for higher-ups who are in custody but not yet charged--and for the negligence of the FBI and other federal agencies. We get an update on today testimony and hear from victims, and experts in national security and criminal law, including one who represented the lead defendant in the first World Trade Center bombing case, about the conjecture-based case that Moussaoui's lies led to the deaths of almost 3000 Americans.
  • Making News: Libby Says Bush Himself Authorized Leak on Iraq
    Vice President Cheney's former aide "Scooter" Libby told a grand jury that President Bush authorized leaks of sensitive intelligence information about Iraq. That's according to papers filed by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald in his case against Libby, who's accused of lying about how he learned that Valerie Plame was a CIA agent and what he told reporters. Michael Isikoff is investigative reporter for Newsweek magazine.
  • Reporter's Notebook: "Missing Link" Fish Fossils Found
    Well-preserved fossil remains of a fish with some characteristics of four-legged animals appear to provide the much sought-after "missing link" that demonstrates the validity of Darwinian evolution. That's big news today all over the world, but scientists who discovered it have been jubilant for the past year. Harvard Zoologist Farish Jenkins is one of those who discovered the fossils on Canada's Ellesmere Island, 600 miles from the North Pole.

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