The Music and Politics of September 11

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Slavery, the wars of the past, the civil rights movement, and other historic American turning points have all produced their own music. But the year since September 11, an event which has been described as so powerful that it changed America forever, has produced a deafening musical silence. Bruce Springsteen has taken a pass at consolation, and patriotism has sold a lot of records. What-s not being heard is music that questions conventional wisdom and makes listeners think. Are record companies worried about a backlash? Is a protest movement yet to be born? Are musicians and songwriters waiting until the anniversary is over? In this archived edition of To the Point, we ask people inside and outside the industry, including country music legend Charlie Daniels, where-s the music?
(Originally broadcast September 3, 2002 on this program.)
  • Newsmaker: Terrorists Attack Israelis in Kenya and Israel
    Suicide bombers destroyed an Israeli-owned hotel in Mombassa, Kenya today, killing at least 15 people, including 3 Israelis. Almost simultaneously, an Israeli charter jet taking off from Mombassa Airport was fired on by surface-to-air missiles, both of which missed. In Israel itself, gunmen attacked a Likud Party headquarters where primary election voting was in process. At least six people were killed. Alan Philps of London-s Daily Telegram has more from Jerusalem.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Manhattan Teen Reflects on Year since 9/11
    Stuyvesant High School in lower Manhattan was evacuated after the first Trade Tower collapsed. Three weeks later, students returned to class, inventing devices to help cope with their unimaginable reality. Oliver Horowitz, a senior at Stuyvesant High and co-host of In the Mix: The New Normal, which will air on PBS stations around the US over the next three Saturdays, says his -video homeroom- has become a Stuyvesant staple.
    (Originally broadcast September 10, 2002 on this program.)
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