The Post-Debate Spin Begins

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Instant polls and pundits--even on Fox News--are calling Kerry the winner, but with too many caveats to make Democrats comfortable with six weeks left to go. The consensus is that next week's polls will show Bush still in the lead, reflecting, in part, second opinions formed over the weekend. Did the debate format allow for a real comparison of the candidates' views on foreign affairs? Did either make the kind of mistake that could come back to haunt him? Is the perception of Kerry's "victory" a triumph of style or substance? Warren Olney debates the debate with journalists from the National Journal and Columbus Dispatch, a pollster from the National Annenberg Election Survey, and an advocate of presidential debate reform from Open Debate.
  • Making News: Car Bombing, New US Offensives in Iraq
    In Iraq, the Interior Ministry claims that the city of Samarra has been retaken from insurgents after intense, house-to-house combat supported by air strikes and armor. Howard LaFranchi reports from Baghdad for the Christian Science Monitor.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Russia Says It Supports Kyoto
    Nobody mentioned it during last night's debate on foreign affairs, but Russia has agreed to sign the Kyoto Protocol on Global Warming. To take effect, the treaty needed 55 nations responsible for 55% of the world's emissions of greenhouse gases. The number was reached long ago, not until this week was the requisite percentage met. That's a big defeat for President Bush. Jonathan Pershing of the International Energy Agency, looks at the consequences.
Presidential candidates, listed alphabetically by political party:
American Independent: Michael Peroutka
Democratic: John Kerry
Green: David Cobb
Libertarian: Michael Badnarik
Peace and Freedom: Leonard Peltier
Republican: George W. Bush

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