The Power of Polling

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American politics lives and dies by public opinion surveys. But how accurately are the passions, whims and convictions of 100 million possible voters measured by a sample of 750 people?.
Today, we'll talk to Frank Newport, Editor of the Gallup Poll, which just this morning reports another big swing to George Bush-while a competing poll shows a dead heat. We'll ask him, along with political pros and psychologists, if polls shape public opinion as much as they measure it.
  • Newsmaker: In the Mideast, Ehud Barak's deadline passed with no agreement by Palestinians to stop the violence that's now in its 11 th day. We speak with David Klaidman, Jerusalem Bureau Chief for Newsweek magazine.
  • Reporter's Notebook: A deadly substitute for the drug Ecstacy has hit the Rave scene. What should kids be looking out for?



Warren Olney