The Power of the Pentagon

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Senior members of Congress are up in arms over reports that the Rumsfeld Pentagon has established special intelligence teams for secret missions to end what he calls "near total dependence on the CIA." Democrats on House and Senate intelligence committees say they-ve been out of the loop, and Republican Senator John McCain is promising hearings. Is it a power grab? What about Congressional oversight? We hear more about the apparent turf war from veterans of both the CIA and military intelligence.
  • Making News, Segment 1: Two Metrolink Trains Derail in Los Angeles
    At least 9 people were killed and hundreds were injured this morning when two commuter trains derailed in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale. Glendale Police Chief Randy Adams called crash a suicide-turned-homicide by a "deranged individual." The driver of the car has since been identified as Juan Manuel Alvarez. Conan Nolan is covering the story for KNBC-TV in Los Angeles.
  • Making News, Segment 2: President Bush Gives First Press Conference of Second Term
    In Iraq today, 31 Marines died in a helicopter crash, the biggest single-day loss since the war began. At the first news conference of his second term, President Bush said the best way to honor soldiers who die in action is by -completing our missions.- David Sanger, White House correspondent for the New York Times, asked the President to elaborate on his inaugural call for spreading democracy to -every nation and culture.-
  • Reporter's Notebook: Lesbianism on PBS Kid-s Show Upsets Education Department
    In one of her first acts, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings has denounced PBS for an episode of a children-s program. In Postcards from Buster, an animated bunny, explores different regions and peoples with a digital video camera. An episode that hasn-t yet aired focuses on sugar-making in Vermont, and it features two lesbian couples. Television historian Robert Thompson has the details and implications for public TV-s independence.

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