The Press, Karl Rove and a Stolen Election

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While the Washington Grand Jury is still out on whether Karl Rove committed perjury, obstructed justice or exposed CIA agent Valerie Plame, Washington reporters are taking heat for protecting confidential White House sources when the real story should be the identity of a leaker. The media also are being questioned for playing down a Democratic report that Republican dirty tricks helped President Bush win Ohio last year. Are reporters trading their independence for high-level access? Is Rove the master of media manipulation or has he stumbled into uncharacteristic blunders? We hear from journalists who have written extensively on George Bush and Karl Rove, including one who accuses the press of being part of the Plame cover-up.
  • Making News: Missiles Target US Navy Ships in Jordan
    Two American Navy ships have left Jordan-s port city of Aqaba after one of three rockets narrowly missed the USS Ashland, striking a warehouse and killing a Jordanian soldier. Another fell near a hospital a mile away and a third hit hear an airport inside the Israeli border. Steve Simon, author of The Age of Sacred Terror and senior policy analyst at Rand, has more.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Race to Build the Fastest Computer
    Today-s New York Times on a global race to build the world-s fastest supercomputer, capable of 1,000 trillion operations a second. The latest competitor is China. Currently, the fastest computer is at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, where it-s used to help design nuclear weapons and operates at 100,000 times faster than the latest desktop PC. Computer scientist Jack Dongarra considers what-s at stake for national defense, commercial manufacturing and national pride.



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