The Real ID Act

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The Real ID Act will prohibit drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants, and supporters say it will make America safer. Opponents claim it will never work-that it's blatantly anti-immigrant and an abuse of Congressional power. State Legislatures contend they can't afford to enforce immigration law, and predict longer waiting lines at the DMV. On "To the Point"--the pros and cons of the Real ID Act. Why is a measure with so much impact being passed without formal debate in either the House or the Senate?
  • Making News: US Offensive on Syrian Border
    Near the Syrian border, US troops are conducting what's called their largest offensive since last year's invasion of Fallouja. We speak with Juan Cole, a professor at the University of Michigan whose blog,, is known for authoritative commentary on the Middle East.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Spokane Rocked by Mayor's Secret Life
    Spokane Mayor Jim West has taken a leave of absence to prepare to defend himself against charges of child molestation that allegedly happened back in the 1970's. The Spokesman-Review, which reported the charges, also up-dated them with a computer expert, who posed as an 18-year old man to lure the Mayor into making propositions on his office computer. Jonathan Martin reports for the Seattle Times.



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