The Simple Life

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Even after Christmas, the White House wants us to travel, spend money, continue -- and then some, with the lives we've been leading. But is it a time to consider a more simple life? Our average credit card debt is already at record levels and our lives grow more complicated each day. Should we scale back and unclutter our lives? Or is it okay to indulge in more "stuff" after working such long days? Syndicated columnist and guest host Matt Miller talks with friends and foes of living with less.
  • Newsmaker: Will Pakistan and India Go to War Again?
    India has deployed fighter jets along the Pakistani border. Terrified villagers fled possible war between the nuclear rivals who have fought three wars in barely half a century, traded fire in Kashmir and bolstered forces along their 2,000-mile border in the biggest build-up in almost 15 years. Joining us to explain the crisis and where it may head next is New York Times correspondent John Burns.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Understanding the Pushtuns in Afghanistan
    The US-led anti-terror coalition is working with various tribes to create a new, secure Afghanistan. By far, the largest such tribe is the Pashtuns. Anthropologist Charles Lindholm, a student of the Pushtuns, says their culture is a real challenge to the way Americans think the world should work.



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