The President and Congress Wrangle over Troop Withdrawal

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The President is meeting with Congressional leaders today about the Iraq spending bill. The House of Representatives wants a time limit on funding the Iraq war, the Senate wants a nonbinding goal of troop withdrawal next year, and the President says he'll veto any bill with a hint of withdrawal in it. Polls indicate that a majority of Americans support Congressional Democrats' call for a timetable for withdrawal. Is there a way out of the deadlock? Can Democrats in the House and Senate resolve their differences over a withdrawal schedule?  Can they eventually produce a bill the President will sign? What does the political struggle in Washington mean on the ground in Iraq?  Lawrence O'Donnell guest hosts.


Jonathan Weisman - New York Times - @jonathanweisman, Scott Lilly - former Staff Director, Congressman David Obey (D-WI), Babak Dehghanpisheh - Baghdad Bureau Chief for Newsweek, Steven Simon - Visiting professor at Colby College. Former US National Security Council and senior director for counterterrorism and for the Middle East and North Africa, Carlos Pascual - Vice President at the Brookings Institution

Lawrence O'Donnell

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