The Supreme Court on Redistricting; Israel Moves into Gaza

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Segment #1: Israeli Troops Move into Gaza to Save Kidnapped Soldier
Israeli warplanes fired missiles at the only power station in Gaza, cutting electricity for 700,000 Palestinians. Other planes took out three bridges, effectively cutting the strip in half. Still others buzzed the home of Syrian President Bahsar Assad, to get his help in recovering a kidnapped Israeli soldier. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert threatens "extreme action" if that's what it takes. We update Israel's actions in Gaza, which Palestinians call "collective punishment" with journalists and Middle East experts.

Segment #2: The US Supreme Court Steps into the 'Political Thicket'
The US Supreme Court ruled today that state legislatures can re-draw Congressional district boundaries whenever they want. That's a victory of sorts for former Republican Congressman Tom DeLay, whose redrawing of Congressional districts in Texas gave Republicans six new seats but ultimately cost him his job. Even though he still insists he's innocent, DeLay resigned after being charged with laundering money he raised for other candidates' campaigns. In today's decision, the Court ruled that DeLay's redistricting was not "an unconstitutional political gerrymander," as Democrats claimed. What's the real impact on Texas? Will it mean political chaos in other states? We hear more about the decision and its unintended consequences.

  • Reporters Notebook: New Rules Require States to Move Welfare Recipients into Jobs
    After President Clinton signed the "welfare to work" law in 1996, the number of recipients dropped faster than anyone expected--from 12 million to about four--taking pressure off states to prove that those getting checks were working or in work-training programs. Today, the Bush Administration established new rules designed to reduce welfare roles even more. New York Times reporter Jason De Parle is author of, American Dream: Three Women, Ten Kids, and the Nation's Drive to End Welfare.

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