The Terror Dividend

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President Bush has declared war on terrorists with "global reach." However, there are terrorist groups in so many places that even his new coalition can-t go after them all. Beyond that, there-s the old adage that one person-s terrorist is another person-s freedom fighter.
  • Newsmaker: King Abdullah of Jordan Meets with President Bush - King Abdullah II of Jordan visits the White House. This morning he said "the majority of Arabs and Muslims will band together with our colleagues" to end international terrorism. Illuminating the US relationship with Jordan is Rami Khouri, a syndicated Jordanian columnist and talk show host and current Nieman Fellow at Harvard University.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Society-s Response to Traumatic Events - After the Sept 11 catastrophe, people claim to be forever changed, yet are challenged to resume normalcy. With time, events are subject to reinterpretation. Michael Roth is Co-Editor of Disturbing Remains: Memory, History, and Crisis in the Twentieth Century, recently published by the Getty Research Institute.



Warren Olney