The Terrorist Threat

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With the Cold War over and fear of nuclear war diminished, our protectors have turned their attention to terrorism. The rapidly changing face of technology has impacted strategy as agencies that worked independently now share information and resources. But they focus on locking up individuals, overlooking their connections or the involvement of the State. Who are the terrorists? How real is the threat? We hear from a former national security analyst, the director of a domestic preparedness program, a specialist in Middle East politics and terrorism, and others. (Matt Miller guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Bush Seeks Increase in Military Benefits - As the President continues to promote his plan for Pentagon reform, Rear Admiral Eugene Carroll, of the Center for Defense Information, applauds Bush for waiting for a full appraisal. He says it's time for the US to cut the military budget and seriously adopt a policy of international cooperation and leadership.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Academy Award Nominations - Oscar nominations are out -- with all the usual surprises. Charles Flemming, a columnist with, talks about the groundswell of support for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. He says that director Steven Soderbergh faces a sticky situation in running against himself in several categories.

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