The Truth about Pre-War Intelligence

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Republicans in the Senate have challenged President Bush to report on his strategy for turning the Iraq conflict over to the Iraqis themselves and bringing American troops back home. Meantime, before leaving on his trip to Asia, the President struck back at his critics by accusing Democrats of rewriting history. These developments are taking place against the background of polls that show a majority of Americans believe they have been misled. As dispute continues over how the war began, what's the impact on the broader war against terror? We hear more about truth, falsehood and the war in Iraq from journalists from the Washington Post, Atlantic Monthly and The Nation as well as former presidential speechwriters and advisors.
  • Making News: Senate Committee Approves Ben Bernanke as Fed Chair
    The Senate Banking Committee today approved Ben Bernanke to succeed Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve. Greenspan's last day on the job as Fed Chairman is January 31. Approval came by voice vote, despite some concern about Bernanke's priorities. Greg Ip, who covered the hearings for the Wall Street Journal, has more on today's vote as well as a look at the contrasting philosophies of the two men.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Report Says PBS Chief Tried to Influence Programming
    The Corporation for Public Broadcasting says it will try to "strengthen public confidence" after a scathing report by its own Inspector General found former CPB Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson had broken federal law in his effort to put more conservatives on the air. Tomlinson resigned last week, after word got out that Kenneth Konz would be highly critical. Released yesterday, the report portrays Tomlinson as "a rogue appointee who often exceeded his authority." That's according to Matea Gold in today's Los Angeles Times.

Ben Bernanke, nominee to chair Fed Reserve Board

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