The Universe, A.I. and Genetic Profiling

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Some researchers predict that artificial intelligence will surpass the human mind in the next 30 years. Others scoff at that timeline, but the fact is that machines already dance, show facial expressions and help to create still better machines. The question of how we're going to keep up is real. Beyond that, there's the disturbing issue of who's going to be in control? Today, we'll talk about thinking machines and robots. Will they be humanity's greatest achievement-or a superior race of immortals that makes us obsolete?
  • Newsmaker: The Fate of the Universe - How did the Universe begin? How did it evolve? How will it end? Questions that all mankind has always wanted to know may be answered by the Microwave Anisotropy Probe or MAP which took off from Cape Canaveral Saturday afternoon.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Bush Backs Democratic Genetic Profiling Bill - In his Saturday radio address, President Bush surprised Republicans by saying he'll support a law pushed by a Senate Democratic. It would prevent insurance companies from denying medical coverage based on a person's genetic predisposition to diseases he or she may never actually get.



Warren Olney