The US, Iran and Nuclear Diplomacy

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The now famous letter from President Ahmadinejad to President Bush was just the beginning. Today's Washington Post reports that Iran has lifted its long-time taboo against communication with the "Great Satan" and wants to talk about its nuclear program directly with the United States. The Bush Administration has said it's not interested and that military action's still "on the table." If Iran has changed its basic strategy, some diplomats say the US should do the same thing. Are direct negotiations the best way to prevent a confrontation over weapons of mass destruction? Will sanctions have to come first? Could the US live with a nuclear-armed Iran? We hear from journalists and experts on defense, nonproliferation, national security, Iran and the Middle East.
  • Making News: Immigration Bill Moves Toward Senate Vote
    The US Senate is likely to pass an immigration reform bill as soon as tomorrow. It's one that President Bush may welcome, but if the Congress has its way, it may never get to his desk for signature. Rachel Swarns, who's in the Senate Press Gallery for the New York Times, says the guest worker program and provisions for immigrants to become naturalized citizens are the two biggest obstacles.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Capitol Hill Corruption and Constitutional Separation of Powers
    After FBI agents raided the Capitol office of Democrat William Jefferson this week, Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert and other Republicans complained that the FBI had violated the constitutional separation of powers. Conservatives like John Podhoretz say Republicans ought to be happy that a Democrat has been caught up in scandal. Maura Reynolds reports on Capitol Hill for the Los Angeles Times.

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