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Before September 11, President Bush's approval ratings were about 58 percent in the ABC-Washington Post poll. Since then, they've averaged 89 percent, lifting George W. Bush to the heights of John F. Kennedy's first year in office. The figure is even more exceptional as 88 percent think the hardest part of the war on terrorism is yet to come. Is it unshakable patriotism in time of war, or will it be eroded by inevitable criticism over military tribunals, abrogating the ABM Treaty, mixing religion with affairs of state or the sagging economy? We ask conservative and liberal columnists in New York, Orlando, Seattle and Orange County, California, how long the honeymoon will last.
  • Newsmaker: Argentina's President de la R-a Resigns - Thirty-six million Argentines began life today with a caretaker government after the resignation of elected President Fernando de la R-a. He was driven from office by two days of deadly riots over an economic crisis that has been brewing for years. Andrew Graham-Yooll is Editor-in-Chief of the English language daily Buenos Aires Herald.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Photographs of New York - Reuters News Service and Prentice Hall have published a book of 130 images taken by Reuters photographers on and in the aftermath of September 11. Royalties from the book will go to rebuilding New York and helping the families of victims. Photographer Shannon Stapleton, who was at Ground Zero in New York City, has more on the images that commemorate the devastation and the heroism of September 11.

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