This is Only a Test of the Homeland Security System

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Next week, both Chicago and Seattle will be disrupted by staged catastrophes in the largest domestic security drill in American history. The exercise, called TOPOFF2, features a phony terrorist group called GLODO, a simulated -dirty bomb- attack, and the spread of a fictional biological agent. The phony scenarios will be acted out to test America-s readiness for another attack by terrorists. What-s the risk of another, real attack on American soil? Do first-responders have sufficient funding to combat such an attack? Will TOPOFF2 make the country safer, or is it more drama than substance? We speak with a cold war historian from Whittier College, security and preparedness experts from the Anser Institute and Rand Corporation, and the Mayor of Seattle.
  • Making News: Former FBI Agent Indicted for Sharing National Secrets
    Former FBI agent James Smith has been indicted in a case that sounds just like a spy novel. The charges stem from his relationship with an alleged double-agent for China. Called -Parlor Maid- by the FBI, she allegedly had simultaneous affairs with Smith and another FBI agent. Andy Murr, who reports from Los Angeles for Newsweek magazine, says yesterday-s six-count indictment could result in a 40-year prison sentence for Smith.
  • Reporter's Notebook: White House Refusal to Release September 11 Information
    Florida Republican Porter Goss, a retired CIA officer with close ties to the Bush White House, co-chaired a 10-month House Intelligence Committee investigation into the background of September 11. Now, Goss is frustrated that the administration is delaying the release of his findings. Is it a case national security or potential embarrassment? Frank Davies is reporting the story from Washington for the Miami Herald.

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