Time for Oscar Campaign Reform?

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Each year major film studios spend millions in an "arms war" of pre-Oscar advertising. Having developed sophisticated techniques for reaching Academy members, the studios engage in a blitzkrieg of trade advertising. Certain to win viewers, if not the vote, the campaign also boosts distribution and enhances prestige. We look at the fierce behind-the-scenes battle for the film industry's most coveted trophy with film insiders at Le Monde, New York Magazine, and Daily Variety, the man who marketed Star Wars and the producer of Chocolat. (Matt Miller guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Campaign Finance Reform Debate Begins - Anticipating next week's Senate debate on campaign finance reform, President Bush has renewed his proposal to force unions to get approval before spending members' dues on political activities. Now he's added a similar corporation-shareholder provision. Steve Weiss, of the Center for Responsive Politics, explains.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The View from Here - Andy Kindler, TV critic for Comedy Central's satirical new program, The Daily Show, opines on the week's thundering developments and earthshaking events that are bound to leave their mark on history. He spotlights the recession, stock market, recent workplace legislation, Ralph Nader, the Bush presidency and global warming.

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