Time Is Running Out for Sudan

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Pulitzer Prize-winner Samantha Power called this -The Age of Genocide,- and current events are proving her all too accurate. In Africa, fragile societies are being wiped out by calculated efforts to make already hostile environments unlivable. After two years of mass killings in Darfur, western Sudan, the United States and United Nations have declared that genocide is underway, saying the Sudanese government has encouraged rapes, murders and mutilations of African villagers by nomadic Arabs called Janjaweed. Will they take tangible action? Will an entire people be lost because the rest of the world turns away? We hear from experts in national security, US foreign policy and human rights advocates and as well as the European Union and the UN.
  • Making News: Pope Benedict XVI's First Mass
    Two days ago, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger sounded like the conservative doctrinaire of his public image. Today, Pope Benedict XVI said he would reach out to people of other faiths and continue the reforms of Vatican II. Both homilies were delivered in the Sistine Chapel, before and after Ratzinger became Pope. Jeff Israely, who heads the Rome bureau of Time magazine, looks at today's events and what to expect from the new pontiff.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Food Pyramid Gets a New Look
    Though most Americans recognize the Department of Agriculture's -food pyramid,- few follow its recommendations. So, the pyramid's been redesigned, with a staircase being climbed by a stick figure to encourage modest exercise. It's also been linked to the Internet. Will that make for a healthier America? We ask Marion Nestle, professor of public health and nutrition at New York University and author of Food Politics.

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