Truck Bomb at UN Headquarters in Baghdad

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A truck bomb went off outside UN Headquarters in Baghdad while a news conference was going on inside. The death toll is at least 14. Dozens are injured, including Sergio Vieira De Mello, special representative of Secretary General Kofi Annan, who was trapped in the wreckage for hours. (De Mello died shortly after this program was broadcast.) Experts call it the latest in a string of increasingly sophisticated strikes at civilian targets. President Bush characterized it as an attack by terrorists against the -civilized world,- and said that Iraqis must choose between terrorists and their own peace and freedom. As the danger increases, will the international humanitarian effort be deterred? What about America-s will to stay the course? We hear reaction from President Bush and speak with leading terrorism experts about possible motives for such an attack and what it means for America-s continued occupation of Iraq.



Warren Olney