Turkey Bombings

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Massive, coordinated explosions struck two British institutions today, injuring 450 and killing at least 27, including the British Consul General. The second terrorist attack on Istanbul in less than a week coincided with President Bush-s state visit to Britain. At a joint news conference at 10 Downing Street, Tony Blair said, -what caused the blasts-is not the President of the United States or the alliance.- Instead, the Prime Minister blamed those -who are killing innocent people.- President Bush said today-s events reinforced his determination to stay the course in Iraq. What-s the likely impact on a country that serves as a bridge between the West and the Muslim Middle East? We hear from journalists in Istanbul and London, and talk about the skills and likely strategies behind these outbreaks of terrorism with former a US ambassador to Turkey and an expert from St. Andrew's Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence.
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    Ten years ago, a child molestation case dissolved after Michael Jackson reportedly made a multi-million dollar settlement with the potential witness. But state law has since changed and, yesterday, the Santa Barbara District Attorney, armed with a cooperative victim, filed multiple charges, any of which could mean 8 years in prison for the 45-year old singer. Todd Gold, author of Man in the Mirror, talks about what it all means for an American cultural icon with fans all over the world.



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