Unhappy Returns for American Soldiers

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Medical advances and better armor mean that troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are surviving wounds that killed soldiers in previous wars, but many who have not been disabled physically are coming home with other problems. Thirty percent of American veterans develop mental health problems three or four months after arriving home from Iraq or Afghanistan. Reservists and National Guard members often don't get their jobs back, and unemployment for the youngest veterans is triple the national average. Senators of both parties say those who need help the most are not getting it from the Veterans' Administration or the Department of Labor. We hear about unemployment, mental illness and homelessness for veterans of recent combat. (This segment was originally broadcast February 14 on To the Point.)
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    The House and Senate are off this week, but when they come back, they'll try to resolve their differences over immigration reform and between the Republican Congress and Bush White House. Kathy Kiely covers Congress for USA Today.
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    When the World Cup opens next month in Germany, the US team will be part of "the group of death." Computers rank them fifth in the world, but they might not get as far as they should because of the way the playoffs are organized. Frank Dell'Apa, who covers "the beautiful game" for the Boston Globe, weighs America's chances and the likelihood of a visit from Iran's President Amadinejad, who's made statements that are illegal in that country.

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