Uniting the Young with the Old Against Age Discrimination

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Industrialization has separated Americans according to age, in factories, businesses and education. Retirees--now living longer than ever before--are increasingly isolated and perceived as a burden on younger generations. But the young are also isolated--deprived of the moral support they need from those with greater experience and wisdom. Bringing the generations back together is satisfying the needs of both. Common humanity is also emerging in another context as the victims of natural disasters and hate crimes get unexpected assistance in times of greatest need.

Photo credit: Ben Alexander.



  • April Novotny - Survivor of the Woolsey Fire in Malibu, CA.
  • Kristen Childress - Volunteered in the aftermath of the Woolsey Fire
  • Seffi Kogen - Global director of young leadership at the New York-based American Jewish Committee
  • Marc Freedman - Founder and CEO, Encore.org


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