Update on Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo

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Despite six separate inquiries into abuses at Abu Ghraib prison, none is asking what responsibility lies with the Pentagon-s civilian leadership. Army investigators say there-s no credible evidence that anyone up the chain of command ordered Lynndie England -- who could face criminal charges and up to 40 years in prison -- or other soldiers to torture and humiliate detainees there. Meantime, human rights groups claim there-s increased use of rendition, the practice of sending prisoners to other countries, where they can be tortured. Is the war on terror a new kind of conflict where old rules don-t apply? Is it time for an independent commission to recommend policy options? Warren Olney hears from a former Naval Judge Advocate General, human rights advocate, expert in international law, and the author of Black Hawk Down.
  • Making News: Two Leaders of a Mosque in Albany Held in Missile Plot
    Federal agents today arrested two leaders of a mosque in Albany, New York. The imam and one of its founders are charged with conspiring to purchase a shoulder-fired missile to assassinate Pakistan-s ambassador to the UN. Governor George Pataki says the arrests prove the government is doing what it should. Viveca Novak, who covers terrorism for Time magazine, has more on the sting, which authorities say is not connected to the terror alerts earlier in the week.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Cameron Kerry on Brother John-s Middle East Policy
    Since Senator John Kerry-s first-losing-campaign for Congress, one of his top advisors has been his younger brother. Cameron Kerry is a Boston attorney who specializes in litigation involving communications law and environmental regulation. He-s also a convert to Judaism. With President Bush actively courting Jewish voters this year, how would a Kerry administration be different? We hear from Cameron Kerry.

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