US and Europe: The Growing Divide

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America has been a -nation of immigrants,- mostly from Europe. That-s where the language and politics come from, too, although in recent years, the differences have been growing-over the environment, international institutions and war with Iraq. As important as those differences are, changes in demography may be more important. Since the 1980-s, the US has been getting younger and less Anglo-Saxon than Europe. If trends continue, it will get larger as well. We join demographers and journalists for a discussion about the causes and the consequences of a growing divide.
  • Newsmaker: US and Iraq at War on Battlefield of World Opinion
    While the Bush administration is threatening force to topple Iraq-s regime, Saddam Hussein claims there is still room for diplomacy. How is their propaganda war going in various parts of the world? Alice Chasan, editor of the World Press Review, reports on the -global chorus- of skeptics about US and Iraqi pronouncements and US unilateralism.
  • Reporter's Notebook: LAUSD Soda Ban Lauded at International Obesity Congress
    As the World Summit on Sustainable Development continues in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sao Paolo, Brazil is hosting another conference to address an issue that sounds personal but has important international consequences. The International Congress on Obesity meets every 4 years. Neville Rigby, Director of Policy and Public Affairs for the International Obesity Task Force, has a progress report.

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