US-China Culture Clash

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As America and China continue their 11-day standoff over the fate of America's downed surveillance plane and military personnel, Washington reports that it is inching toward a solution. China disagrees, responding that US "regrets" are insufficient to resolve the conflict. What happens when legalities and moralities collide? We look at the rhetoric of apology, the weight of public opinion, hidden motives, and expectations for defusing a tense situation with legal scholars, a Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent, and the CFO of, China's leading online media company. (Laurie Levenson guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: LA Mayoral Race - Voters in one of the world's most diverse cities go to the polls today to elect a new mayor. Rick Orlov, of the Daily News, looks at the top contenders in today's mayoral race, the challenges that will face him or her, the surge in Latino voters, the motive behind the secession movement, and the likelihood of a June runoff.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Fat May Be Stem Cells Source - Researchers from UCLA and the University of Pittsburgh report that they have isolated a new source for stem cells, the primitive cells with the potential to become virtually any type of tissue. Patricia Zuk, of UCLA's School of Public Health, says fat cells collected by liposuction may insure the future of controversial stem cell research.

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