US Continues Strikes against Taliban

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Washington State Democrat Jim McDermott is the first member of Congress to question President Bush's attacks on Afghanistan, challenging the soundness of his strategy and cause. Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has been praised in this country for a more compelling statement of purpose than Bush, is being criticized in Great Britain for letting "the war on terrorism go to his head." We speak with a California Congresswoman about McDermott's breaking ranks, get the latest on the Pentagon's plans for Afghanistan, and look at the leadership role of Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair.
  • Newsmaker: Anthrax Update - Natural sources have been eliminated and federal officials now believe it was foul play behind the presence of anthrax bacteria in Boca Raton, Florida. Larry Leibowitz, of the The Miami Herald, says there's much speculation but few facts revealed in an intense investigation that's now been turned over to the FBI.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Pakistan's Musharraf Calls India's Prime Minister - India has blamed a terrorist attack on the legislature in the capital of Jammu and Kashmir on Pakistanis. Today, Pakistan's ruler telephoned India's Prime Minister to propose a renewal of peace talks. Christopher Kremmer, of Australia's Morning Herald, elaborates on political posturing and rising tensions between the two nations.

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