US-Iran Detente Will Be Tested in Geneva

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When nuclear talks resume tomorrow, the Obama Administration is optimistic about a deal with Iran. But long-time allies and members of Congress are warning that a bad deal would be worse than no deal at all. We hear about the most likely terms for an agreement and why they're causing so much diplomatic and political friction. Also, al Qaeda-related suicide bombers attack the Iranian Embassy in Beirut. On today's Talking Point, in the Charlton Heston film Soylent Green, food was made out of people. Now a California start-up is marketing Soylent — artificial food for people.

Banner image: French President Francois Hollande (R) listens to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his welcome ceremony at Ben Gurion airport November 17, 2013. Netanyahu pressed France on Friday not to weaken in its stance toward Iran in upcoming talks on the Islamic state's nuclear program. Photo: Philippe Wojazer/Reuters