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Since President Bush declared the end of major hostilities, there-s been a litany of bad news from Iraq: daily casualties, suicide bombings and predictions that tens of billions of dollars will be required to rebuild that devastated country. With public support declining, Bush went on the offensive yesterday, calling Iraq a test of American will and promising no retreat. In a -major speech- to the American Legion, Bush tried to rally support for the continued occupation and rebuilding of Iraq. He said that America-s will was being tested and promised there would be -no retreat.- We speak with a White House correspondent, a political scientist who-s written on public opinion in wartime, and Presidential speechwriters about President Bush-s political challenges as he defends his conduct of the -war on terror- on the eve of his re-election campaign.
  • Making News: California Recall Update
    In California-s recall election, Arnold Schwarzenegger is morphing from the outsider he said he'd be. When he announced his candidacy to replace Governor Gray Davis, he said could afford to be free of special-interest influence, but last weekend, his campaign picked up $788,000 in contributions. Carla Marinucci, who covers politics for the San Francisco Chronicle, says they-re the same contributors who-ve larded campaigns for a long time.
  • Reporter's Notebook: 40th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's 'Dream' Speech
    Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, a seminal moment in the civil rights movement. Rev. James Lawson, a long-time associate who Dr. King praised as America's leading apostle of non-violence as a way of life, reflects on the historic speech in the light of recent history.

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