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Military victories in Afghanistan and Iraq were quick and decisive, but winning the peace has been anything but easy. Although Afghanistan has almost dropped out of the news, President Bush will soon ask Congress to triple aid to that country-s new regime. In Iraq, where America is spending a billion dollars a week, the Senate-s been warned that -the potential for chaos is becoming more real every day.- Is America applying the lessons learned in the past? Does it need help from NATO or the United Nations? We hear more about the adequacy of our planning in post-war Iraq with former officials from the Reagan and Clinton administrations, a Middle East specialist, and BBC correspondent Lyse Doucet.
  • Making News: CIA Operative Tells Senate of Advances in Search for WMD
    After weeks of silence, a former UN weapons inspector says the US is building a solid case about Iraq-s weapons of mass destruction. Though he wouldn-t reveal details, CIA consultant David Kay told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the US is close to a breakthrough. Jonathan Broder, defense editor for Congressional Quarterly, says the US is working with Iraqi scientists who actively took part in deceiving UN inspectors.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich
    Ralph Nader says Democrats should vote for Dennis Kucinich in next year-s presidential caucuses and primaries. Along with Al Sharpton, the Ohio Congressman is the most progressive of the Democrats campaigning to run against President Bush. As mayor of Cleveland, Kucinich lost his office after refusing to sell the city's electric utility, only to be lauded as a consumer hero several years later. Since then, he-s been one of the most liberal members of Congress.
  • Sam Phillips
    Sam Phillips founded Sun Records and helped launch the rock 'n roll revolution, producing records for stars like Johnnie Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and Elvis Pressley. Sam Phillips died last night at the age of 80 in Memphis, Tennessee.

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