US Restores Diplomatic Ties with Gadhafi and Libya

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Moammar Gadhafi took over the Libya in 1969. Since then, he's imposed a combination of socialism and Islam with a bloody iron hand, and sponsored terrorism elsewhere in the world. In response to economic sanctions, he finally admitted involvement in downing Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. In a process begun by the Clinton Administration, he agreed to give up development of weapons of mass destruction, and has cooperated with the US in the war against terror. Monday, Secretary of State Rice announced the resumption of formal diplomatic relations with Gadhafi, calling Libya "an important model" for Iran and North Korea. What's the message about US commitment to spreading democracy and insisting on human rights? Gadhafi remains a repressive dictator. Is the US desperate for friends? What does oil have to do with it?
  • Making News: Senate Panel Begins Hayden Confirmation Hearing
    CIA nominee Michael Hayden began testifying today before the Senate Intelligence Committee this morning. In his opening statement, Hayden lamented that intelligence had become a political football. Daphna Linzer is national security correspondent for the Washington Post.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Former Army Commander Blames Administration for Abuse
    Among those who would like keep the issue of prisoner abuse in the spotlight is the highest ranking military officer disciplined for Abu Ghraib. Brigadier General Janis Karpinski was a 25-year Army Reserve veteran when she took command of prison and detention facilities in Iraq. Revelations of abuse brought reprimand and demotion. She's written One Woman's Army about her experiences, and tonight, she'll participate in a panel claiming that the Bush Administration is guilty of war crimes.

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