US Role in a 21st Century World

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The US is under attack for breaking rules of international behavior, established by generations of diplomats. Most recent incidents include the bombing an Afghan wedding, planning an attack on Iraq without consulting allies and threatening to derail UN peacekeeping operations unless Americans get immunity from the International Criminal Court. While some critics condemn what they see as creeping imperialism, others say the world's only superpower may not be tough enough. Is it the overreaching arrogance of an international bully, or is the superpower entitled to set its own rules in return for maintaining international order? We explore the role of the US in the 21st century with historians, political scientists and military experts.
  • Newsmaker: Judicial Watch Files Suit against Cheney
    Just one day after President Bush promised to crack down on Wall Street, a public-interest law firm has accused Vice President Dick Cheney of engaging in accounting fraud when he ran the Halliburton Company. Rick Dunham, White House correspondent for BusinessWeek magazine, looks at the SEC investigation whose impact could reach as far as the President.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Will Baseball Strike Out Again?
    Last night's Major League All-Star game was declared a tie after 11 exciting innings when both managers ran out of players. With fans booing the commissioner and throwing trash at the umpires, the evening ended without the naming of a most-valuable player. Keith Olbermann, who hosts ABC Radio's Speaking of Sports, says last night's action is symbolic of all that's wrong with professional baseball.



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