US Troop Rotation and Military Overhaul

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Early next year, more than one half of America-s combat forces will be on the move. It-s a massive logistical operation which means that for six months the nation-s readiness to engage in battle will be at its lowest level since the end of the Vietnam War. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld concedes it-s a calculated risk, especially when battle-seasoned veterans get fresh replacements. But the Pentagon says that 130,000 soldiers in Iraq need a break and their equipment needs repair and replacement. Is America-s all-voluntary military stretched too thin? What does it mean for reservists and volunteers? We hear from journalists at the Pentagon and in Germany, a retired Army general at the Institute of Land Warfare and a former Defense Department official.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Moving Rembrandt's Night Watch
    One of the world-s most famous paintings can no longer be found in the place where it-s been visited by millions for most of the past 260 years. Today, Rembrandt-s Night Watch was moved in a high-tech security operation one report called -a cross between a space-shuttle launch and a protected witness arriving in court.- Boris de Munnick, spokesman for Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, explains where the painting's gone--and why.

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