Using 9-11 Fears to Set National Security Policy

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The attacks of September 11 occurred almost three years ago, when they were -like a blinding flash, benumbing the country with a sudden knowledge of unimagined dangers.- Three years later, the war on terror dominates US policy-making and the presidential campaign. Senator Kerry attacks President Bush-s actions, but not his goal of fighting the terrorist threat at all cost. Critics of both men concede that the threat is real enough, but ask if it is being exaggerated for political gain. Will actions based on excessive fear give the terrorists what they could never get on their own? Does Kerry offer a sufficient alternative? Is there any real choice? Warren Olney discusses the impact of 9-11 on setting national security policy with journalists from The Nation and the Los Angeles Times, national security and military affairs analysts, and a foreign policy advisor to the Kerry campaign.
  • Making News: Saudi Prince Gives Militants a Month to Surrender
    Saudi Arabia-s Crown Prince Abdullah made a rare appearance on state television today to offer limited amnesty for Muslim militants who have committed acts of terror. Richard Harrison, senior reporter for the English-language daily, Arab News, says the Prince was moved to propose judgment under Sharia law in the face of worldwide response to recent violence in the region.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The US, UN and War Crimes Prosecution
    International uproar over American abuse of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan has led the Bush administration to change its tune at the UN. Lacking the nine nations needed to get a resolution passed by the Security Council, the US has abandoned its campaign to exempt American peacekeepers from the International Criminal Court. Colum Lynch, who covers the UN for the Washington Post, says the US will settle instead for limited exposure.

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