View of the Election from Overseas

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As the world's leading democracy flounders toward picking a new leader, reactions from around the world range from cynical amusement and disappointment to admiration that a disputed transition of power can be settled without bloodshed. We get impressions from France, Russia, Mexico, Ghana, and the US, on whether American democracy has lost credibility overseas, and if its role in spreading democracy been compromised or enhanced.
  • Newsmaker: African American Lawsuit - Florida experienced a record turnout of African American voters, many of them first-time or infrequent voters. Was there a systematic conspiracy to keep them and other people of color from voting? Clarence Page, of the Chicago Tribune, says that although there was no skullduggery, there's also no redress. We must now refocus efforts on teaching people how to vote.
  • Reporter's Notebook: USA Networks Kill TV Movie - USA Network cancelled production of a TV movie about drug-tampering deaths, calling it an ethical decision in the public interest. However questions remain about the alleged threat of an advertising boycott. Sallie Hofmeister, staff writer for the Los Angeles Times co-authored the article about the network's decision.



Warren Olney