Violence in the Middle East, Democracy in India

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Yesterday, US officials hoped the court martial of Jeremy Savits would be a worldwide showcase for American justice in action, but international news was dominated by images of Palestinians carrying bloody children through the streets of Rafah. Israel-s crackdown in Gaza has led to the deaths of Palestinian civilians and international criticism-even from the United States. Though the US often vetoes UN Security Council resolutions that criticize Israel, yesterday it abstained and let pass a condemnation of Israel-s demolition of houses and killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. We hear what-s happening on the ground and its implications what-s left of the peace process. Warren Olney speaks with a former aide to Secretary of State George Schultz, Middle East expert Fawaz Gerges, and a journalist who was himself the object of a kidnap attempt yesterday.
  • Making News: US Troops Raid Chalabi-s House
    In Baghdad today, US soldiers raided the home of the man who was the Pentagon-s choice to run post-war Iraq. A member of Iraq-s Governing Council, Ahmad Chalabi was also a favorite of Vice-President Cheney. Chalabi says today-s raid stemmed from his criticism of UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi and calls for greater Iraqi sovereignty. Rod Nordland, Baghdad Bureau chief for Newsweek, reports on American motives and methods.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: The Election in India
    After years of struggle to manage more than a billion people, India has recently made enormous economic strides. Yet last week, the relatively conservative Hindu Nationalist Party was thrown out of office in a stunning upset. Sonia Gandhi, head of the secular Congress Party, then further astonished the world by refusing to become Prime Minister. Instead, the country will be led for the first time by a minority Sikh, Manmohan Singh. We hear more about the recent election and plans for a new coalition government and a new India from a journalist from Christian Scientist Monitor, a third-term member of India's parliament and a UCLA historian.

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