Voter Participation - Who Cares?

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Apathy may reduce next week's voter turnout to record lows. Some bemoan the decline. Others ask why we want the votes of the disinterested and uninformed. Are kids apathetic or turned off? Will they come out for third parties or swap votes on the Internet? Is democracy healthy when more than half the qualified voters don't go to the polls? We speak with those who study the American electorate, the creator of a web site conceived to motivate young people, the man credited with conceiving the idea of Nader-trading, and the man who threatened criminal prosecution of the vote-swapping site if it didn't cease operation.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Yesterday, Garry Kasparov, the greatest champion of all time, conceded defeat to his former student Vladimir Kramnik in the 15th game of a 16-game match. Sarah Lyall, London correspondent for The New York Times, talked with us about covering the month-long World Chess Championship.



Warren Olney