War and Intelligence Failures

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Reports that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction were used to send this country to war. Today, as expected, the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a blistering assessment that those reports were wrong. Republican Chairman, Pat Roberts of Kansas, said called the report -without precedent- in evaluating the quantity and quality of information given the President and Congress. But did the Bush administration use false information in making its case for invasion? Republicans refused to address that question, and Democrats are frustrated. Today, as the thousandth death is announced in Iraq, Warren Olney discusses the unanimous conclusions and partisan disagreements that remain with former members of the CIA and other intelligence advisors, and national journalists, including one whose work was used by the British government in their dossier on Iraq.
  • Reporter's Notebook: International Court Rules Israel Barrier Illegal
    At the request of the Palestinians, the UN General Assembly asked the World Court to decide if Israel's 425-mile long security wall is in violation of international law. Today, the court ruled that it is because part of it is on Palestinian land, which amounts to de facto annexation. As a result, the Arab League will ask UN that the wall be destroyed. Ohad Gozani, who's in Tel Aviv for London's Daily Telegraph, has Israelis' reaction to the wall and today's decision.

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