War and Peace and the Democratic Party: The Legacy of Eugene McCarthy

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As President Bush struggles to regain support for Iraq, many Americans are mourning the death this weekend of a former Senator who evokes memories of another unpopular war. Opposition to Vietnam by the late Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota made Lyndon Johnson vulnerable in 1968 and legitimized the anti-war movement, making it part of America's political history. As Democrats prepare for upcoming elections, where does the anti-war movement stand now? We talk with journalists, public policy experts and political scientists about John Murtha, Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton and the party's liberal base.
  • Making News: President Bush's Third Speech to Win Back Support on Iraq
    After his third speech designed to bolster support for the war in Iraq, President Bush stunned the crowd at Philadelphia's World Affairs Council by taking questions from the audience. Warren Vieth, who covers the White House for the Los Angeles Times, attended today's event.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Climate Control Conference
    The Kyoto Protocol, signed in 1997, requires wealthy countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So far, it's failed to make much of a difference. Only this year was it ratified by enough nations to take effect--with the Bush Administration making the US famously no longer a party, even though it's the biggest emitter of all. Meantime, scientists at last week's UN climate change conference in Montreal, reminded there's no time to waste. We hear more from Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Jeff Fiedler of the National Resources Defense Council.

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