War Crimes Trials for Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay?

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The Justice Department's Inspector General reports that FBI agents thought the CIA and Military Intelligence were abusing, possibly torturing, terrorist suspects in the aftermath of September 11.  House Democrats have subpoenaed lawyers who approved harsh tactics. Did a few soldiers at Abu Ghraib take the fall?  Should higher ups in the chain of command face trial for war crimes?  Also, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says that Myanmar will admit aid workers, and John McCain--three-time cancer survivor and former POW--releases his medical records, showing he's in good health.

Banner image: US Army Sgt. Javal Davis (L) and his attorney Paul Bergrin (R) leave the courthouse after a hearing in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse case against Davis February 1, 2005 in Fort Hood, Texas. Photo: Jana Birchum/Getty Images



Warren Olney