Weapons of Mass Deception?

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Despite dire warnings about weapons of mass destruction, none has turned up so far in Iraq. Both houses of Congress are conducting closed hearings into the selling job for the war in Iraq, comparing what intelligence agencies knew with what the Bush administration was saying. But Democrats aren-t the only ones who claim they were misled. Even some supporters of -regime change- in Iraq want to know if the administration exaggerated intelligence information to justify war. Is the credibility of the administration at stake? Is it time for open hearings to set the record straight? Do the American people really care? We hear from journalists, pollsters, a former Bush speechwriter, and a Congressman who's called for an independent commission.
  • Making News: Tenuous Truce in the Middle East
    Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Brigade have agreed to a 3-month suspension of violence against Israel, which continues to call for the total dismantling of the -terrorist infrastructure.- Cameron Barr, who-s in Jerusalem for the Christian Science Monitor, says the groups- leaders may be responding to Palestinians- frustration with the Intifada and their desire for a return to normalcy.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Senator John Kerry
    The first presidential primary won-t be until early next year in New Hampshire, but the campaign among nine declared Democratic candidates is already hot and heavy. Last week, polls showed Massachusetts Senator John Kerry with a nine-point lead in New Hampshire over Vermont-s former Governor, Howard Dean. Nationwide, Kerry runs about even with his Senate colleague from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman.

Reuters article, -Israel Kills 4 in Gaza; Militants Deny Truce Pact-

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