Were the Roberts' Confirmation Hearings Really Necessary?

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In a New York Times/CBS survey, 76% said it's important to know what Judge John Roberts really thinks about controversial issues, but in this week's hearings, Roberts has been so shrewd that he been described as "a profile in caution." Democrat Joseph Biden told Roberts he's been so guarded that, "we're rolling the dice with you." Are Americans learning more about the nominee to become Supreme Court Chief Justice or the Senators on the Committee? We speak with a journalist and three legal experts about whether the hearings make any difference as to who will head the third branch of government.
  • Making News: Will Bush's Response to Katrina Continue to Hurt Poll Numbers? Stating the water is safe to drink on the West side and that sewers, trash removal and hospitals are operational, Mayor Ray Nagin says some residents of New Orleans will be able to return to the city on Monday. Meantime, President Bush will address the nation from New Orleans tonight to explain his vision for reconstruction. Andrew Kohut of the nonpartisan Pew Research Center says Bush's lackluster response to Katrina lost him significant voter support.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Louisiana Political Landscape May Be Altered by Katrina
    One lasting impact of Hurricane Katrina could be a significant population shift in the American South. How many evacuees will stay away from New Orleans? How many will come home? Of those who decide to leave, where will they settle down? Those are questions that will be important to the future of politics in Louisiana, and perhaps in Texas as well, says Elliott Stonecipher a political analyst in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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