Whales and National Security: Bush Environmental Policy

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Last week the Bush Environmental Protection Agency changed the rules for refineries, utilities and industrial plants, freeing them from installing new pollution-control devices when they upgrade their facilities by as much as 20%. The EPA says the new rules will mean safer, more efficient operation, and affordable energy in a manner that-s environmentally sound, but activists accuse the administration of relaxing regulations to give breaks to industries that pollute, despoil and overdevelop. Saying the changes don-t go far enough, business claims there-s no new risk to the environment. We hear a debate and look at claims that the Navy is endangering whales and other marine life in the name of -national security.-
  • Making News:Recall Update; Driver's Licenses for the Undocumented
    The first debate in California-s recall election is scheduled for tonight. Governor Gray Davis will be there, along with several replacement candidates, but Arnold Schwarzenegger won-t be one of them. The San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci has a preview of tonight-s candidates' forum and an update on a controversial bill that would allow undocumented aliens to apply for a California driver's license.
  • Reporter's Notebook: 'Latte Tax' to Be Decided by Seattle Voters
    The City of Seattle is short of cash, but a measure on this month-s ballot proposes to tax an item sold at gas stations, hospitals, roadside stands and drive-through windows. Initiative 77 would place a tax on espresso-10 cents for each beverage containing a half-ounce or more. Nicole Brodeur, columnist for the Seattle Times, has the scoop on the espresso tax.
Today's 4pm candidates' forum will be televised statewide. It will be carried on KTVU in the San Francisco area; on KTLA in the Los Angeles area.

KCRW's Election Connection features candidates' interviews, news and features on the California recall and replacement election, and a rundown on the two statewide ballot initiatives. Our Election Connection page is also a great resource on the 2004 Presidental race, complete with election features and candidates' interviews.

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