What Happens When Women Take Power?

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Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria has written that "one of the quiet, unreported tidal waves of the past decade is the rise of women in public life." The past few weeks have seen the first women heads of state in Africa and South America and the first woman Chancellor of Germany. Iraq's new parliament will be 25% female. In 1990, Mary Robinson became the first female President of Ireland. For the next seven years, she increased the profile of an office with limited powers. In 1997, she was named UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and used that bureaucratic position to become a public advocate for the human rights agenda worldwide. Do women make a real difference? Do they have different priorities, styles and ways of achieving their goals? What about a woman President of the United States?
  • Making News: Iraqi Shiites Will Need a Coalition Government
    It's official. The Shiite parties won 128 of 275 seats in Iraq's parliament. Since that's ten votes short of a majority, a coalition will be needed to form the country's next government. Tim McGirk is reporting from Baghdad for Time magazine.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Google Resists Government Subpoena
    In what it calls an effort to study online pornography, the Bush Justice Department has asked Internet search engines for massive amounts of data to find out what consumers are looking for when they go on line. While Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL have complied, Google says it won't go along, out of concern for its customers' privacy. The Justice Department has gone to court in San Jose, California to force the issue. John Morris is staff counsel with the Center for Democracy and Technology.

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