What is Next for the Democrats?

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President Bush held a post-election news conference today, telling reporters: -I-ve earned some political capital, and I intend to spend it.- He said he is moving forward with the agenda he spelled out on the campaign trail. Meantime, Democrats are licking their wounds after a massive effort that turned out their base in record numbers, but still wasn-t enough to prevail. Does the loyal opposition need to shift back to the left or move more to the center? Who will emerge to lead the party and compete for the next presidential nomination? Is it really all about cultural values? We get several perspectives from journalists, and anti-war and progressive public policy experts.
  • Making News: President Bush's News Conference
    President Bush was relaxed and confident with reporters today in the aftermath of winning both the Electoral College and the popular vote. Just how does he plan to spend his new-found political capital? David Sanger, who covers the White House for the New York Times, says the President plans to use that power quickly to enact tort reform, modify other social programs and make several political appointments.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Conflicting Reports on Arafat-s Condition
    Doctors in Paris are denying rumors that Yasser Arafat has died. Palestinian officials say he-s in critical condition. The State Department says it doesn-t know what to think. We hear more from Mouin Rabbani, who is at Arafat-s Compound in Ramallah, and from Graham Usher, Jerusalem Bureau chief for the Economist.

President Bush's press conference



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