What Muslims Are Hearing and How They're Reacting

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Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network are appealing to Muslims all over the world that Islam itself is under attack by the US, and that Americans and all things American should be destroyed. Their messages have been rebroadcast all over the planet. Meanwhile, foreign ministers from 56 Muslim countries are meeting in Doha, Qatar to consider events in Afghanistan. We look at the use of the media as a tool of 21st century warfare, get an update on the summit, and consider the impact of bin Laden's messages on Muslims from around the world and in the United States.
  • Newsmaker: Florida Anthrax Appears to Be Manmade - Florida officials say there's no evidence that criminals or terrorists spread the anthrax spores. But there's no evidence of a natural cause for their appearance either. Michael Isikoff, who is tracking the story for Newsweek, has an update on the investigation and attempts to calm public anxiety.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Airline Lobbyists Planned Full-Court Press Before The Dust Settled - The "weight of a mighty lobby" helped airlines secure one of the largest and quickest bailouts in US history. Michael Moss, of The New York Times, credits airline CEO's and Washington lobbyists' urgent coordinated appeal to the national psyche in securing the 15 billion dollar bailout.



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