What-s Happened to World Solidarity with the US?

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Reciting the names of the victims was a powerful way of remembering what happened one year ago. Another compelling memory is the sense of solidarity with the United States that was expressed by the rest of the world. On September 12, the French paper Le Monde famously headlined, -We Are All Americans.- Things have changed. As the world honors the victims of the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, we recall the expressions of international unity that poured forth a year ago. We ask commentators from France, Britain, Saudia Arabia and Russia and a Pentagon Defense Policy Board member to remember that unity and tell us how it has changed, and why.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Small but Lethal al Qaeda Threat Continues to Loom
    Last year, the Chicago Sun-Times called Peter Bergen-s Holy War, Inc -the only book you need to read about Osama bin Laden-at least for now.- The producer for ABC and CNN interviewed bin Laden in 1997. Now, after the war in Afghanistan and all that-s happened since September 11, Bergen reflects on bin Laden and what we know about the threat of terrorism around the world.



Warren Olney